Our Company

Reflomax India has been doing its best to be a leader in safety technology on the basis of its working policies; Being Positive, Confident, Responsible and Highly Specialized.

A leader in new technology that contributes to human safety: these words describe the perpetual commitment of Reflomax India - a vision which is coming true today.

Reflomax India has brought the reflective materials to India for the first time and adopted two different reflective technologies, glass bead and micro prism.

Reflomax India produces and exports the reflective materials all over the world. We supply the customers with a wide range of products : reflective fabric, film, yarn, micro-prism sheet, safety wears and high-viz clothing fabric with excellent quality which complies with EN 471 and competitive price.

Business Field & Concept

Respecting man's life And Dignity Providing best service to touch customer


Glodian Series

As participating in several exhibitions in Asia and Europe, Reflomax has promoted the leading products world-widely.
The products have been acknowledged as the one of excellent quality and acquired EN 471 Class2 Certification.

    - Application : Safety Wear (High-Visibility/ EN471), Rain wear, Traffic Control Materials etc.
    - Application : Environmental Friendly Material ( Wear, Shoes, Bag etc.)
    - Application : Fashion field, Shoes etc.
  • GLODIAN Synergy Tape
    - Application : Safety Wear, Fashion field etc.
  • GLODIAN FGR (Fabric Type Film)
    - Application : Rainwear, Gloves, Hats etc.