Traffic Application - GLODIAN™ DELINEATOR TAPE

Complied with ASTM type D-4956 type5

Reflomax offers Glodian Delineator Tape for Traffic Application and it exceed the performance standard of ASTM type D-4956 type5 performance.


Glodian Delineator Tape is self adhesive micro-prism reflective material developed for the application of road safety facilities like lane devider(Channellizer, Post Band), traffic cone, delineator, rear marking for the heavy vehicle and so on.

Aluminium is deposited by vapor deposition onto backside of Glodian in a vacuum chamber.

Glodian is so conformable that it can be easily applied onto round surfaces with its high retro-reflection capability.


    Feature Self adhesive micro-prism reflective material
    Aluminium is coated onto backside by vapor deposition
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    Size Custom's width available (Max. 95cm)
    Colour Silver
    (for white color)
    700 cd/lux/㎡
    Usage Lane Divider, Traffic cone, Delineator, Rear marking for the heavy vehicle and etc.

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