GLODIAN™ Reflective Synergy Tape- TSG-500

Complied with EN 471(class 2) & ANSI/ISEA 107-1999(level 2) & AS/NZS 1906.1(class 2)(class 2)

1. # Configuration : Micro-Glass Beads on Micro-Prismatic Reflective sew-on Tape.

2. # Size : Regularly 50mm (2 inch) X 100 meters per roll. Size can be customized.

3. # Color : White and Fluorescent Yellow colors available

4. Performance (for white color) : 450cd/lux · m2 (0.2˚/5˚)

5. Quality : Comply with EN-471 (class 2), ANSI/ISEA (class 2) and AS/NZS 1906.1 (class 2).

6. Usage : Certifying applications for high visibility vest for the professional users.

7. Remark : Synergy has won the Korean Patent Registration on April, 2002 with its unique performance

8. Note : Dyes may migrate when placed in direct contact with vinyl and some fabrics. Prior to application, GLODIAN™ must be kept separate and should be tested for dye migration.

Unique and strong points;

1. Synergy has 2 different functional performances of glass bead and micro-prismatic.

    a) Wide-angled reflective performance (strong point of glass bead).
    b) Great reflective performance under the rainfall and water (strong point of micro-prism).
    * Following picture shows how Synergy Tapes performs under the rainfall and water.

    2. The design of Synergy is unique in the world.

    3. You can print any logo and text on either micro-prismatic or glass bead.

    4. Remarkably durable to maintain the quality and reflective performance.

  • 5. Very flexible for various applications.

    6. Tight quality control for stable performance of the product.