GLODIAN™ Reflective Tape - RGT

Complied with EN71 Part3 and ENV1122

1. Contiguration : Micro-Prismatic Reflective Sew-on Tape

2. Size : 50mm x 100m / roll

3. Color : 12 colors available (Including Fluorescent Green, Red and Blue)

4. Performance(for White Color) :150cd/lux · m2 (0.2˚/5˚)

5. Quality : Comply with EN71 Part3 (for children's toy) and ENV1122 (Heavy Metal)

6. Usage : Non-Certifying application for high-visible safety wear for non-professional users.

7. Note : Dyes may migrate when placed in direct contact with vinyl and some fabrics. Prior to application, GLODIAN™ must be kept separate and should be tested for dye migration.


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