GLODIAN™ Reflective Tape - AGT

Complied with EN1150 & EN13356

1. Configulation : Micro-Prismatic Reflective sew-on Tape.

2. Size : 50mm x 100m / roll

3. Color : White and Fluorescent Yellow

4. Performance(for White Color) :450cd/lux · m2 (0.2˚/5˚), 350cd/lux · m2 (0.33˚/5˚)

5. Quality : Comply with EN1150 & EN13356

6. Usage : Certifying applications for high visible safety wear for non-professional users

7. Remark

8. Note : Dyes may migrate when placed in direct contact with vinyl and some fabrics. Prior to application, GLODIAN™must be kept separate and should be tested for dye migration.

Glodian Tape is a product of High Technology for retro-reflection. Glodian performs well in night time with its retro-reflectivity as well as day time with its conspicuous color for road safety. This product is remarkably durable to maintain the quality and reflective performance. And the materials for Glodian are non-toxic proved by complying EN71 Part3. The Glodian tape is manufactured with High Frequency welding to preserve more reflecting area than other products.


With the flexibility, various colors & sizes of Glodian you can have lots of choices in making your Safety Vest and other products. As you know Microprism type reflective tapes have been much more expensive than glassbead type ones. Sometimes you may hesitate to use microprism type reflective tape because of its expensive price. But now there no need to worry about it. You can use our fully qualified GLODIAN™series at very reasonable prices.