Micro-Prismatic Reflective Material "Glodian™ Film Series"

Complied with EN13422:2004

Free-Chloride Non-PVC reflective material for EN13356.

When disassembling, dioxin is not released.

And it has excellent high frequency welding property in the same condition of doing with normal PVC.

Many customers have wanted NON-PVC reflective material for environmental requirement, but no material can meet their needs because nothing has proper high frequency welding property & high reflective performance.

We, Reflomax India. finally solve that problem.

It has very good result with high frequency welding.

REFLOMAX GLODIAN™ EN-FREN is very durable and hardwearing. And they keep the initial reflective performance for a long time.


It can be used at as low temperature as -40℃
*Dry Cleanable


Product Guidance

    Glodian Enfren
    Feature Hard Prism & NON PVC (TPU) structure for durable performance

    Enfren-Fiti(1) Test Report


    Enfren-Fiti(2) Test Report

    Size 46cm X 100m per roll
    Colour White & Fluorescent Yellow
    Performance (for white color) 600cd/lux· ㎡ (0.2˚/5˚), 400cd/lux· ㎡ (0.33˚/5˚)
    Quality EN 13356 Ready
    Usage Tape, Shoes, Label, Snap Band, etc.

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