Micro-Prismatic Reflective Material "Glodian™Film Series"

AGR Complying with EN13356

REFLOMAX GLODIAN™AGR Series are very durable and hardwearing. And they keep the initial reflective performance for a long time.


Reflomax has successfully developed EN13356 Ready microprismatic reflective material Glodian AGR(Advanced Glodian Roll) which now available upon your request.


Product Guidance

    Glodian AGR
    Feature More durable than RGR (It is hardly scratched)

    EN 13356:2001 CERTIFICATE

    Size 46cm X 100m per roll
    Colour White & Fluorescent Yellow colors available(Customized color are also available)
    Performance (for white color) 600 cd/lux· ㎡ (0.2°/ 5°)
    Quality Scratch-proof & EN-13356, EN 1150 ready material.
    Usage Certified applications of tape for vest, high frequency welding label for garment and shoe material, piping for sports wear, etc.

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