Micro-Prismatic Reflective Material "Glodian™Film Series"

AGR-PF(Phthalate Free) complying with EN13356 / Environment Friend

REFLOMAX GLODIAN™ AGR-PF Series are Phthalate Free materials.


It meets RoHS as well and can be converted into various applications complying with EN13356.


The market demand for AGR-PF has been growing fast with the issue of Environment Friendly all over the world. GLODIAN™ AGR-PF does not include Phthalate at all such as DEHP, BBP, DBP, DIDP, DNOP, and DINP. GLODIAN™ AGR-PF is the very suitable material for safety of human.


Product Guidance

    Glodian AGR-PF (Phthalate Free)
    Feature Hard Prism in PVC with structure for durable performance

    Test Report for Phthalate

    Test Report for RoHS

    Size 46cm X 100m per roll
    Colour White & Fluorescent Yellow colors available
    Performance (for white color) 600 cd/luxㆍ㎡ (at 0.2°/ 5°)
    Quality Phthalate Free & for RoHS and EN13356 ready
    Usage Based on high frequency welding, certified tape for vest, Sam Browne Belt, snap band, label and Environment Friendly fashion accessories(label, piping, etc.) for garment & shoes

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